This is game play trailer for Yummo, our “game programming” course project.
It is an action-shooting- puzzle game for Android and iPhone. Powered by Corona SDK.
The music is hedgewars’s theme song.

We did this in 2 months (2 weeks for coding) with a team of 5 programmers, 2 designers and 1 artist. This is
the first project that I’m involved as a lead programmer. Overall we did a good job, though we screwed up at the
presentation. There were a lot of challenges, both came from the software (Corona, Lua) and the hardware.
– Lua does not support OOP. Our code make use of OOP extensively, therefore it would be disaster if we did it in the
hard core way. In the end we could find a solution with a technique called Metatable.
– Hardware: Yummo uses a lot of sprite animation. The first version of Yummo lags on real device. Therefore we need to optimize the spritesheet using some memory management.
– Physics: Our game is based on real-time physics simulation, mostly collision detection. Although Box2D is good, it sometimes causes some crashes and data inconsistency. To fix this, instead of throwing everything into the collision detector, we only register some classes and trigger the rest via event dispatcher. Luckily for us, our game is small compared to a FPS, so we can do this manually.

Overall, this is the best academic project that I have ever worked on. I’m quite satisfied with my team although the game was not well admired by the judges (professors, lab technicians). But who cares about those losers. They can’t even pronounce Id Software correctly…

Looking forward to summer to see my first game on Appstore 😀